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A Simulation on Energy Management for PHEV Application, Based on Dual-Cell Concept Yingzhe Gu, Bernhard Kortschak, Su Zhou, Volker Hennige 23.-25. Oct. 2012 E-COSM'12, France
SuperLib Project: Advanced Dual-Cell Battery Concept for Battery Electric Vehicles Noshin Omar, Thierry Coosemans, Joseph Martin, Valerie Sauvant-Moynot, Justin Salminen, Bernhard Kortschak, Volker Hennige, Joeri Van Mierlo, Peter Van den Bossche 6.-9. May 2012 EVS26 International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium, Los Angeles, USA pdf
Measures of the Performance and Scalability for Large Mobile Battery Systems Árpád Imre 27.-28. Mar. 2012 Electric Vehicles Land See Air,
San Jose, USA
Modular Li-ion Battery Systems for Electric and Hybrid Powertrains Antti Väyrynen, Justin Salminen 25.-26. May 2011 6th AVL International Commercial Powertrain Conference, Graz, Austria.
Lithium ion battery production Antti Väyrynen, Justin Salminen Sep. 2011 Journal of Chemical Thermo­dynamics, 46 (2012) 80-85
Novel Cost-Efficient Contactless Distributed Monitoring Concept for Smart Battery Cells V.R.H. Lorentz, M.M. Wenger, J.L. Grosch, M. Giegerich, M.P.M. Jank, M. März, L. Frey 28.-31. May 2012 21th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (IEEE ISIE 2012, Hangzhou, China) pdf
Smart Battery Cell Monitoring with Contactless Data Transmission Vincent Lorentz, Martin Wenger, Martin Giegerich, Stefan Zeltner, Martin März, Lothar Frey 30.-31. May 2012 16th International Forum on Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications
(AMAA 2012, Berlin, Germany)
A Review of Passive and Active Battery Balancing based on MATLAB/Simulink Mohamed Daowd, Noshin Omar, Peter Van Den Bossche, Joeri Van Mierlo September 2011 International Review of Electrical Engineering (I.R.E.E.) pdf
SuperLIB project: Dynamic electro-thermal modeling of high energy LFP/C cell for innovative pack design M. Petit, J. Martin, V. Sauvant-Moynot 18.-22. June, 2012 AABC Europe Conference (June 18-22, 2012, Mainz, Germany) pdf






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