Linked projects


The projects SuperLIB and ESTRELIA liaise within the same FP7 program of the European Commission. In SuperLIB, the battery consists of a combination of high-energy and high-power battery cells to enhance the overall performance (instead of high-energy battery cells together with supercaps). SuperLIB focuses on smart control system solutions for batteries (e.g., battery electrical and thermal modeling, temperature sensor integrated onto battery cells, BMS software development for more accurate SOC and SOH algorithms). The control strategy is based on accurate model-based estimators, which are mandatory for precise monitoring of the battery state. Further, Super-LIB will allow the development of a temperature sensor (FHG) to be integrated onto the battery cells.

High costs together with concerns for driving range, reliability and safety are still the main hindrance for market adaption of full electrical vehicles (FEVs). ESTRELIA aims to provide building blocks with enhanced reliability and safety at lowered costs for smart hybrid energy storage units (i.e., Li-Ion batteries together with supercaps) for FEVs. In ESTRELIA, new safety sensors (e.g., spark detection sensors, gas sensors), new actuators (e.g., low cost power antifuse) and new energy management hardware (i.e., BMS integrated circuit) and software (i.e., dynamic reconfigurable topologies for the energy storage unit) will be developed.

SuperLIB and ESTRELIA are complementary projects and will therefore cooperate within the same FP7 program.