Main Objectives of the SuperLIB project

Main objectives Target
Development of a control system for a highly integrated battery with HP and HE cells inside a joint package which share cooling and charge-equalization circuit. -> 15-20 kWh and 150kW (10s peak power)
of the dual-battery
Extending the useable SOC range of the battery and thus increasing the driving range of the vehicle or reducing the size of the battery. -> Utilize a usable SOC range of 5-95% without
power limitations or sacrificing battery life time.
Smart control of the energy distribution within the battery by an advanced battery control system. -> DC/DC efficiency above 94%
Extending the lifetime of the battery pack thanks to reduction of high-current pulses in the high-energy cell. -> lifetime of more than 10 years
Cell integrated temperature sensors for precise battery state monitoring -> specific targets will be defined during
the concept phase of the project
Reusability of the package in both passenger EVs and light duty HEVs -> N/A
Reduction of the complexity of control systems in order to improve reliability and reduce cost -> N/A

Time table

The SuperLIB project started on May 1st, 2011. The duration is 3 years.

The following milestones and deliverables have been successfully passed or delivered:

Milestone, Deliverable Status Result Impact
D8.1 Project website delivered Website launched Project visible to the general public

Project Structure